Lemon Coriander

(A tangy treat of Lemon and Coriander)

Rs. 90/110

Laska Soup

(A broth Combination of english vegetable or chicken cooked with coconut milk)

Rs. 110/130

Chilly Garlic Noodles Soup

(Mixture of chopped vegetables or chicken cooked with slow boiled noodles)

Rs. 110/130

Oye Shawa Special

(Chef's special Chinese soup)

Rs. 110/130

Manchow Soup

(A thick combination of chopped vegetables or chicken mushroom and bamboo shoots)

Rs. 90/110

Sweet corn Soup

(A thick treat of boiled corn & vegetables or chicken)

Rs. 90/110

Cream Of Almond/ Mushroom/ Tomato/ Chicken

(Fresh almond/mushroom/tomatoes/chicken tempered with & Indian spices)

Rs. 110/100/90/110

Hot n Sour Soup

(A dual taste of spice and tang in a thick mixture of Julian vegetables, bamboo shoots and mushroom)

Rs. 90/110

Tai-lu-mein Soup

(A treat of julian vegetables or chicken coupled with noodles)

Rs. 90/110

Veg/ Chicken Clear Soup

Is made by simmering vegetables or chicken in liquid until all the flavors are released

Rs. 80/100