Sabzi Ki Khasiyat

Jafrani Kofta

Cottage cheese dumplings stuffed with dry fruits and saffron, simmered in a nut based gravy .

Rs. 190

Mushroom Takatin

Fresh mushroom tossed with bell - peppers and onion on tawa.

Rs. 175

Kabuli Channa Masala

A delicious Punjabi chickpeas cooked with onion and tomato gravy .

Rs. 175

English Bhaji Desi Tadka

Four types of English vegetables cooked in Indian spicy gravy.

Rs. 275

Sabzi Miloni

Assorted mix of vegetables cooked in garlic spinach gravy flavoured and tempered with cumin seeds

Rs. 275

Paneer Kurchan

Cottage cheese, capsicum shredded and simmered with onion tomato gravy.

Rs. 105