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Oye Shawa :

Rest-O-Lounge is basically named with the meaning for "full of joy". Motive is to make people Relax and Enjoy the Punjabi Theme Food.

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What Customers Say

  • I ordered mutton rogan josh, and i was extremely delighted by the taste, as it tickled my tasted buds and also it was something new to try.

    Shweta Rathod

  • oye shawa has become my favorite place to eat, the food that you make is very different than the other restaurants. plus service is also awesome. i love it .

    Vinay Ganachari

  • Saag Gosht is what i ordered, and what i got was extreme satisfaction on a plate in the form of food. imagine tasting satisfaction, believe me it tastes good, everyone should try out Saag Gosht.

    Abid Kini

  • The food made my mouth fluids running, Murg Dohrasheek Kabab is what i ordered, and i am not disappointed, i love the food here. A great place to eat.

    Sandeep Rao

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Office Address

Office : 7411009393

Perminder Singh : 7411009393

Abhijeet : 9242707444

1/E, Survey No 34,B.K.Kangrali,
      Bauxite Road, Belgaum 590010

Opening Hours

 Monday - Sunday

 Afternoon : 12.00 PM - 4 PM

 Evening : 7.00 PM - 12 AM